Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Covers For Old Ugly Oven Mitts

This is the first and only mitt I have finished. Well, I still have to hand sew around the wrist part so it is attached enough so it can go in the washer and dryer.

I have 4 oven mitts and they all have burn, scorch and frayed spots. Ugly!

If I went shopping... got off this mountain once in a while I would buy some new mitts, instead I just cover them with some of the scrap fabric I have around.

So, there will be 2 mitts with a blue theme and two mitts with a red theme.

And best of all they will all have chickens on them!

First I laid out the fabric right sides together. ( I messed up on the blue flower fabric and had the right sides out. It would have been ok if I had cut out the blue chicken fabric with the right sides out too... but I didn't. I had to cut out an extra mitt cover.

Each mitt will have a chicken fabric on one side and a matching color fabric on the other side.

I'll post some more photos when I get them all finished.

Here is a photo of the extra mitt I had to cut out.

The bottom photo shows the tracing I made around an oven mitt.

I then measured out 1/4 inch and marked a line to sew on and then measured out another 1/4 inch and marked a line to cut.

The mitts are fat so I needed the extra 1/2 inch so there would be enough room for the mitt.

I'll be glad to get these sewn up and finished.

More chicken stuff in the kitchen!

Finished at last!

They look a lot better in the photo than in real life.

I ended up sewing it all by hand and the seams are not as neat looking as they would be if I had hauled out my sewing machine and set it up to use. I need a sewing table.

Oh well, the mitts are together and look better and will work out fine. Love the chickens!

November Thankful Quote

Drip drip the trees for all the country round,
And richness rare distills from every bough;
The wind alone it is makes every sound,
Shaking down crystals on the leaves below.
~ Henry David Thoreau - The Summer Rain

I am grateful for rain!

Today's riddle: My thunder comes before the lightning; my lightning comes before the clouds; my rain dries all the land it touches. What am I?

The answer to yesterday's riddle: A noun.

(November 17, 2009)

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lisa said...

Sometimes it is so much better to make your own! Lasts a lot longer! Also cheaper sometimes!

Hopeful said...

wow, you're handy! LOVE the chicken theme. and, they'll soon be fun to use again!

Lynda said...

Really smart idea!

John Gray said...

I love the chicken mitt..... wanna swap it for something?