Friday, November 05, 2010

Cook Top Biscuits To Sooth My Soul

I made biscuits with half whole wheat and half white flour. I like the flavor the whole wheat adds, but I must admit that the white four biscuits have a finer texture. I do like fluffy biscuits.

Cooking biscuits on the cook top instead of in the oven has turned out to be a fun, fast and easy way to make biscuits.

It has been a very blah day. So (instead of eating up all the biscuits) to cheer myself up I spent most of the day watching 36 YouTube videos:
Victorian Farm

I was very glad to spend my day with the Victorian farmers. Much nicer than paying attention to my gloomy self.

Riddle for today:
I'm assumed to be a gift that's priceless, that can't be bought or sold. My value is far greater than a mountain made of gold.
What am I?

The answer to yesterday's riddle is: Your tongue.

(November 5, 2009)

[no eggs today]



Gail said...

You make the biscuits and I'll serve up some chocolate gravy!

diane said...

The biscuits look yummy, its a pity they didn't cheer you up. Have a look at the You Tube video on this blog.It should cheer you up and give you inspiration.

DevonMaid said...

I've always wondered what Americans meant by 'biscuits' .. they look like scones to me in the UK!

I loved Victorian Farm ... so glad you can see it on YouTube ... have you see 'Tales of Green Valley' from the same team?

lisa said...

Very nice! I am glad that the season for the wood stove is back for just that purpose, cooking!
Heart for the answer to the riddle?

Anonymous said...

The biscuits look yummy. I might have to try some comfort food today, too. Take care.


John Gray said...

are buiscuits like our dumplings?

LindaG said...

Darn. I was hoping for a stove top biscuit recipe!

Ah well. They look great. Hope you enjoyed them.
*hugs* Hope you are having a good weekend!