Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Carrot Peels On The Porch

Some of the hens are starting to look well feathered again, but there are a few others that are still dropping feathers and look kinda scary. Molting is a yukky business.

Seeing the porch decorated with rain, leaves, carrot peels, and chickens makes me happy. Morgan is enjoying her kibble treats inside while the hens gobble up the peels.

The leaves are beginning to fall and soon I'll be ankle deep in leaves and will have to start raking them up. Next week? That will keep me busy for awhile.

We used to have chickens that roosted in our redwood trees when we lived in the Santa Cruz mountains. After the earthquake in '89 we caught and moved the goats, but we couldn't catch the chickens. They did quite well in the trees and were very happy. I loved Sesame Street. Miss Jim Henson.

November Quote

"My leaves are turning crimson," the giant oak tree said,
"It's almost time these children should seek their winter's bed,
But how they still cling to me and gleam with crimson hue,
They truly are more lovely than cirrus clouds of blue.
Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr. - A Song of the Woods

I love and am grateful for the seasons.

The answer to yesterday's riddle: Words that have double letters.

Today's riddle: Weight in my belly, trees on my back. Nails in my ribs, feet I do lack.
What am I?
(November 9, 2009)

[no eggs today]
Kristine brought home
a bag of organic chicken pellets today.
I'm missing the eggs.
Store bought organic eggs don't measure up
to our chicken's eggs.



dirtyduck said...

yea! my duck lilly all of a sudden was looking a little..ruffled....and feathers were in every corner of the house!!its messy business. at least this year i used her feathers for my halloween costume:)

Feral Female said...

Agreed, store bought eggs just do not compare!

Jennifer said...

I dont like this moltin thing! It seems I've had chickens moltin all summer long... alot of my girls have their feathers back in but theres still some that look awful and funny, like someone plucked handfuls of feathers out, lol. If I have to buy store eggs I'm gonna scream! Some days I'm only gettin 1-3 eggs and I have 29 layin girls... Thats Sad!

Lynda said...

Two of my ladies are molting, too...UGLY! And I'm down to one egg every other day...had to buy a dozen eggs the other day: ewwww!

WILBO43 said...

That's a very funny sketch. I remember when our girls were small, watching Sesame Street with them before breakfast. A great show.

Kateri said...

I have one hen who lost 75% of her feathers. I'm keeping her separate from the rest of the chickens and and feeding her a high protien diet until they grow back in. None of the other chickens did the massive molt thing this year and they have all been acting very mean toward the the one that did and not letting her eat.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Loved this post about the carrot peels and your chickens. Hope you don't mind. I referred to your post on my blog. Gotta come back to your blog for some more good reading.