Friday, February 19, 2010

Hen Roo Front And Center

Over time comments have been made about the size of the text in the blog being small and hard to read and comments questioning how to use some of the blog edit tools. Instead of me making the size of my blog larger I think it would be neat for people to learn how easy it is for them to enlarge any web page or word processor text. Take a look at this video, here. Personally I have the zoom out and zoom in tool on my tool bar, but the way I usually enlarge a page is by using the keystrokes at the end of the video.

If you would like to learn how to make a link to a URL like I just did with the "here" in paragraph above then take a look at this video, here. If you are using blogger in draft the edit tool bar will look a little different, but the link tool will say "Link" which makes it easy to find. If you are interested in learning lots more about blogger, you could try out these videos starting, here, or others on YouTube. Or click on Help up at the top of the page next to Sign out. Have fun!

I have been playing around with the edit pages and adding some pages under my header photo. This is kinda fun. I'll have to wait and see how it turns out. I wish I could change the white text to dark green. I'm trying out some of the color changes available, but I haven't found the right one yet. Edit: I just noticed! The titles of the pages turned from white to green! Yay!
Hen Roo has grown a beautiful comb and wattle and wants to be in pictures. She stepped right up and stuck her head in front of the camera. I thought she was going to peck at the camera lens but she just stared and then clucked at me and walked away. I doubt that she lays eggs but she is cute.
Kristine took this photo of Morgan last night. When I saw it I thought the slider was open and she had laid down in the doorway, but Kristine says the slider is closed. Morgan has scooted herself up against the window with her feet in the air. The wheelbarrow is full of wood for the stove. And yes, our Christmas tree is still up because we were going to keep all the Christmas decoration up until Kathleen and family came for a visit. The visit has been postponed, so we will have to pack the decorations away.
A messy table? This photo is here as an incentive for me to get the table cleared off. The plan is for me to be able to post a photo tomorrow of the table all cleared off with my sewing things nicely arranged. So I can sew on the quilt! No wonder I don't sew... I can't even see the sewing machine!

(February 19, 2009)
We have weather coming from the North
but I don't think it will be cold enough for snow.

[5 nice clean eggs today]
Rain... everything tucked away dry.

This is a gardening link about Hugelkultur. It is a neat way to make raised beds using wood, compost, paper, etc. Everybody probably knows about this but me. I just thought it was such a neat idea. I'm going to make some of these beds. I will post about this when I get some of my own photos.



diane said...

Ok I'll be checking that table.(The neat police)

Linda said...


How nice to meet you and thank you for the wonderful tips. I'm going to use some of them soon.

I enjoyed visiting here and find that we have many things in common, i.e., cooking in iron pans (my grandmother taught me the salt technique), quilting, and gardening. The gardening has been left behind in favor of no fuss arid landscaping which gives me time for RV traveling.

I had to collect eggs as a child and was terrified of getting pecked, no matter how gently I came in from the lower backside.

I had a great aunt who cooked, and baked, on an old wood stove. It warmed the whole house.

When someone killed a chicken and then dipped it into hot water to loosen the feathers, the smell of hot, wet chicken feathers was so awful that I couldn't eat chicken for years.

Growing up in the country has it's own set of images that are forever a part of you.

What a nice life you have made for yourself.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Thanks for the links I love to go looking!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Callie, thank you sooo much for the text resizing info. With these old eyes, I have needed that and didn't know how to resize.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ Hen Roo does have a beautiful comb and wattle , can't blame Hen Roo for wanting to show-off :0). Good luck with the table , I have the same problem with my dining room table , it's a magnet for clutter (LOL).

~ Warm Blessings ~

Louise said...

I wonder if I posted a picture of my desk if it would make me clean it. I'd be too humiliated to do it, I think (it's worse than your picture), but it's a thought...