Sunday, February 21, 2010

Biscuits On The Wood Stove

Take my picture! Hen Roo posed for a photo and now this Buff Brahma is posing for a picture too. In the rain. I didn't let the hens out today but they went outside anyway and stood in the rain in their pen and yelled at me!

I know it must have been something very unpleasant in chicken, so I'm very glad I don't understand their language. Body language is something else. Their body language said loud and clear that they were upset and wanted out of the pen right now or they were going to hide their eggs or ?
The raincoat has been retired. Morgan spent part of the day outside playing when the rain was fairly light. She wouldn't come back! I tricked her with the slider. She heard it open and came because she thought I was going to give the chickens treats. She always comes for that.

I made homemade drop biscuits on the wood stove last night and tonight. My method was first to pre-heat the iron pan and the lid on the wood stove on a trivit. While the pan and lid were heating I mixed up the drop biscuits. I ran out of butter tonight so I substituted partially with bacon grease. I think bacon grease is the secret ingredient in a lot of recipes.

Then, quick, I got the pan off the wood stove (I left the lid heating on the trivit on the stove) I oiled the pan generously, dropped the biscuits in, popped on the lid and put the pan on the trivit for 10 minutes. Then I checked to see how the biscuits were cooking. I decided it was time to turn them.
I brought the pan over to the cook top. Then I took the lid off and oiled it. Then I put the lid back on the pot and turned the whole thing up side down lid and all. Then I lifted off the pan. The biscuits were in the lid with the cooked side up!
Then I oiled the pan again and slipped the biscuits off the lid back into the pan. This time the uncooked side is against the bottom all set to brown. I love it when a plan comes together! They tasted so good! I really like knowing that I can cook on the wood stove if there is need. For now it is just a lot of fun!

[5 eggs today]
Clean eggs!
The wood ash stepping place is working!

(February 21, 2009)
Neat replica hoosier!
I want these!
Well, maybe not. The food bins are not safe for food storage. But the containers are neat. And the spice rack, and...



diane said...

It sounds like a lot of work to me but i bet they smelled and tasted good. At least a power failure wont bother you too much.

Knatolee said...

Your Buff Brahma is beautiful! And the biscuits look delicious.

Melodie said...

Oh yum! Those biscuits look great!

flowerweaver said...

Biscuits look delish!

We usually don't let our chickens out if its raining, as the Polands seem to get disoriented and lost. It just saves us the trouble from having to search the creek for them in mucky conditions! I'm thinking about erecting a small 'rainy day' enclosure for them so when inclement weather comes I can just let them have access to that instead of free-ranging.

In general I've read chickens don't like getting wet, and to be sure most of them don't go out into the rain. However, this summer when temps were over 103 for three months every time I put the (neighbor's) hose out to sprinkle the lawn they came running to play in the water! Chickens are much smarter than we give them credit!

tberry29 said...

Biscuits look yummy...Oh I see, so the ashes are for them to clean their feet?..Forgive me for sounding dumb..Lol..I asked you in an earlier post about the use for the ashes...I think I got it figured out now..; )
Have a great day!

lisa said...

Good for you, it really comes in handy to cook on the wood stove if the power ever goes out;)

Louise said...

Those biscuits look divine. And I'm sure you're right about the bacon grease.

~Kim~ said...

There is nothing like home-made biscuits!!

I continue to be envious of your lovely(and photogenic) chickens!! :-)

DayPhoto said...

I really should start practing you made is look so simple.


Becky's Barnyard said...

The biscuits look great. It is a good thing I'm not your neighbor. I think you have it down pat.

Diana said...

Mmmm, those sure look delicious! Isn't there something about an iron pan that just makes them so much better?!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mmm those look so yummy... Mom wishes she had a wood stove to give it a try..
Mom likes making buttermilk biscuits but she just puts them in the oven.. How boring...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

What time did you say dinner was being served again???