Friday, December 30, 2016

The Puppies Are Home

These two Cardigan Corgi puppies
arrived at their new home today.

Kristine's puppy is the one in back.
She hasn't decided on a name.
The blue merle puppy in front
is my puppy.
His name is Banner.

The puppies are tired and are sleeping now.

They are so cute.
Just darling!
So good. 

I've been thinking that we should get
some new chickens 
in a few months so the puppies
can grow up with the chicks
and will want to protect them.
Herd them?

The corgis will want to be working dogs
but we have too many fears
of the coyotes and foxes
to leave the corgis outside
to watch over the chickens.

Perhaps we would need a protection dog
for the corgis and the chickens?

More photos soon...



LindaG said...

They are definitely cute! Congratulations!
You could always get a mule. I have heard they make good protectors. Or is that donkeys? ;-)
I hope you all have a blessed New Year!

Carol S. said...

ooh how sweet!!

Tanya said...

How wonderful! For you, for your family and for the puppies!