Saturday, December 31, 2016

Raising Two Puppies - Day 2

The puppies slept quietly together
all through the night
in a dog crate.

Well, in and out of the crate.
We left the crate open
so they could sleep on the floor
if they got too warm.

Only one puddle on the floor
at 6am.
The plan was to take them
out before any puddle action
took place.

Tonight the puppies
will have the crate door shut.
And the crate placed where it
will not be too warm.

Hopefully, I will be able to take
the puddle makers
outside before they

I will try to take more photos
and post them later today.

It's later...
Items of interest:

- Tamales for dinner.
- Washcloth with evidence
showing the importance
of face washing
after puppy licks.

So far today the puppies have:
chewed on leaves and sticks,
the fence, deer poo,
gone through the fence,
came back under the gate,
(good puppies)
mouthed a mushroom,
(I got there to stop any biting)
and met our neighbor
(Lucky puppies received many tickles and hugs)

Banner sniffing for lunch.

So cute!

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diane b said...

Thats a full time job.