Monday, October 28, 2013

Late October Rain

One of my favorite Halloween decoration
that dates from
when my children were young.
Probably purchased this happy pumpkin
scarecrow man sometime in the middle 1980's.
He brings his smiley face and hangs around every October.
He is a cheerful fellow!
If you look closely you can see rain on the deck,
so if it rains some more today and really wets down the forest
and reduces the fire danger we might be able to fire up the wood stove.
Hope so! It's chilly.
The chickens don't mind the rain at all.
Looks like a lot of oak leaves to rake.

Lots of leaves yet to fall.
Sigh...ahhh...I think I would like to curl up there too and take a nap.

Morgan on her bed of many mattresses!
This morning the IT fellow came out to check out why my internet
connection has been running slow, hanging up
and at times losing its internet connection.
He replaced a piece of equipment and the problems went away!
It is nice when pages will load...snark, snark...


I just noticed that some comments
have shown up in my gmail
but with no way to publish them and they
have not shown up in my comments to publish.
So, apologies to you who left comments
and didn't see them published.


Rachy said...

I think I'd like a snooze on those mattresses too!!! :D x

Kristine said...

It is something like the Princess and the Pea. Except I'm not sure Morgan considers herself a princess.