Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Wood Fire This Year!

So nice to be warm and cozy when it is cold and wet outside.
I see chickens out there...

The girls have found something to eat.

Ah, I see, the last of the watermelon.

Looks like the girls are starting to molt?

The propane fellow showed up with his big truck
and filled up the tanks.
Wouldn't want to run out in the Winter
especially when the power goes out like it did a
couple of weeks ago.

Wood fire, propane or electricity.
Nice to have choices.
Solar would be good too.
Tom would like that.

Didn't work outside today.
I'm so bad.


I just noticed that some comments
have shown up in my gmail
but with no way to publish them and they
have not shown up in my comments to publish.
So, apologies to you who left comments
and didn't see them published.

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Hi. It' since to see you and Morgan back! I hope you get that comments situation figured out. I hate it when my computer,blog, internet doesn't do what I tell it to do!