Thursday, May 02, 2013

Smoky Mountain View

There is snow on the tops of the mountains.
The snowy tops of far away mountains that can barely
be seen through a smoky haze.

To barely see the snow click on photo to enlarge

After working all day on the gardens and greenhouse
going out for something to eat sounded like a good idea.

Lucky me got to have this view and a meal.
Tom said the smoke had come down from a fire up North.
I guess?
Someone else said there was a fire on the other side of a ridge out there.
I couldn't find any fire news about a local fire.

But there is smoke out there.
And it was doing a great job of hiding the snow.
Too bad.
I was hoping for a good photo.

I'll remember to take garden photos tomorrow and post them.



Lynda said...

2 Fires up at Butte Meadows...where my cabin is located ...has me nervous! My neighbors are keeping a close eye on my place.

LindaG said...

We went to pizza hut for lunch and the Weather Channel said there are 7 forest fires, several serious, in California, and showed them on a map. But that's all I remember.

Beautiful view though!
Have a great weekend!