Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Took My iPad For A Walk

Photos taken on our overcast afternoon walk today.
It rained earlier.

My neighbor's poison oak wants to invade.
The muzzle keeps Morgan from eating stuff that makes her sick.

The path is raked now all around the property.
I still have lots more raking to do.

My poison oak patch.

This mossy wood seems safe from the wood stove.

The hens are safe and busy turning over dirt.

Morgan is checking out the seedlings.
Love the roses!



LindaG said...

We have lots of poison ivy and oak, too.
Nice pictures!

Cat said...

We have FINALLY found a place without poison oak, as far as we've found, thankfully! I must say, neat photos. Morgan must love the muzzle... not.


Willow said...

Nice wooded paths!