Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dinner For One

Waiting for dinner

of canned dog food and kibble.

Last year I had photos of our dinner out at
Cafe Vista to celebrate our anniversary.
How things and taste change!
Tonight we opted for
Chicken burgers, fries and coleslaw at home.
Mmmmmmm... Yum!

Morgan wearing her new muzzle

with more nose room.


I'm using the keyboard viewer on the Mac to type this post..
I hauled it on top of the photos so I could
Grab capture the online screen keyboard
And show you what I'm clicking on.
It really is great to have this on screen keyboard
built into OS6.
Wish I had a touch screen.
I'll have to finish up onBlogsy
because the caps lock isn't working.
Happy 45th



LindaG said...

Happy 45th to you both! God bless. ♥

Tanya said...

Hmmm. I'm having trouble commenting on your blog. I'll try again. I just wanted to say that I was sorry to hear that Morgan has been ill but happy to see how easily she adjusts to her muzzle. Give her a big hug from me.