Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Robbers Forest Fire And Other Updates

Name of card, "Bottom's Up"
Lucky me!
My very good, long time friend sent me a letter
written on one of her lovely cards.
She is an oil painter!
Susan Murray
Animal, Western, Portrait, Landscape and Many More Paintings

Friends are precious!


Kristine took these photos of two of our neighbors before she left...
This little fellow was on top of the car!
Don't know what it is about the cover on the car 
that attracts animal life...
we have a chicken that likes to hop up there 
and leave her deposits.
Really didn't want to take a photo of that! 

This baby jay looked lost... 1st flight out of the nest?
We were worried about this little one 
but then noticed that the parents were flying around 
watching the fledgling... 
he might have been out taking flying lessons?


 is settled and has a bunch of wildlife to enjoy!
She actually made a post on her blog!
Hope she will post some more photos.
...I want to see a photo of Willie Wagtail!

Yes, I took a photo of Morgan making water.
But Look at what the chickens are doing!
The chickens have taken to running after Morgan
when I take her her for a walk and ...
It is a reciprocal thing...
she eats their droppings and they swig her piddle.

Honest, I usually cover it up
or take her out when the chickens are
not around.
But, soon Morgan will be out with the chickens
and then ?
Who knows what they eat...
I don't want to know.

I've been making Morgan's food
instead of using commercial dog food.
She gets, cottage cheese, cooked egg, cream of wheat or
sometimes chicken (not ours,) or/and
potato, veg. and other people food and pet tabs and oil.
I guess Morgan's piddle is full of good stuff?


Robbers Fire

We have been watching the progress of the
It is close but now 60% contained.
The fire has been moving away from our location. 
One home has been destroyed.
The firefighters are doing a wonderful 
job saving everything they can.
We are very thankful to them!


We are full and we don't want our picture taken!
I tried to get a photo of the hens eating but no joy.
I have started putting the feed out like this during the day
because Tom kept seeing the feeders
swinging when he went out to the coop.
Some critter was climbing on to the hanging feeders
and chowing down on the feed.
Crafty critter!


I have been taking it extra easy...
loafing really...
recovering from a fall I took on one of my paths.
I knew there was a rock in the middle of the path that 
I couldn't dig up... eventually it got me.
I should have moved the path 
and I finally did just that 
but it took skinned knees and hands 
to convince me to make the effort.
My old bones really didn't like getting shaken up.
Well, that was a lesson...


2 eggs
Kristine said I should have gotten chicks this year.
Our hens are getting old.
Or they are hiding their eggs?



diane b said...

Lovely painting on your card.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you took a fall. That's never fun. It's strange the way those animals like those gross things to eat. I know my chickens love the goat pellets.

LindaG said...

Hope your post means you are feeling better after your fall.
I agree, falls and old bones do not get along.

I would be thrilled with 2 eggs, myself. ;o)
Have a wonderful evening!

John Gray said...

and I complain about the weather!
shame on me