Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hungry Chickens

The rest of the hens are hiding under the house where it's cool.

They are not really hungry.
The chickens have been eating all day, from the feeders
and out scratching up the forest.
And they had watermelon and grapes!

No, what happened is that they saw me walking
over by the feeders and they have all
run over to see if I'm going
to leave them some special treats.
Sorry chicks.

I was walking around trying to find something
to take a photo of that looked interesting.
I used up my kinda interesting photos in yesterday's post.

The Robbers fire is now 75% contained
and some people are being allowed back in their homes.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet around here.
The only thing I have been doing is going through
my closet and getting rid of clothes
I don't wear... and for some reason have kept.

There is a lot of room in my closet now!
Some things I hung on to because I loved them,
but I don't wear them so they are bagged up and ready 
to go to goodwill.

I'm left with a good feeling
tinged with a tiny bit of remorse
that is getting smaller day by day.
I'm actually feeling rather proud of myself for getting rid
of the clothes.

1 egg today


diane b said...

I know the feeling. It is hard to throw out clothes that are not worn but like you I feel better when I have a less cramped cupboard.

Anonymous said...

It's been too hot for anybody to want to eat much around here. The chickens are hardly laying any eggs. Good the fire is getting contained. I think it's always a great feeling to go through the house and clean out the old things that don't get used anymore.

LindaG said...

Glad to hear you are safe from the fire.