Saturday, July 21, 2012

No Fruit ...Mouse?

The chickens followed me down to see the fruit trees.
I wanted to check on the trees
and see how they were doing in the hot weather.

The trees look great
but there isn't any fruit that I can find.

This is an apple tree
that some years produces about 10 apples.
There is a cherry tree
but it doesn't have fruit either.

I suspect that it is my fault
for not taking proper care of the trees.
The trees just grow on their own.

So I think they are doing a rather marvelous job
staying alive and green.
Fruit would be a bonus but
I think the energy they would put into producing fruit
is needed just to stay healthy.

It's ok.
I just love the green trees.

Last night a noise woke me up!
At first I thought there was an animal on the porch
scratching at the window or door...

but when I got up to check
the noise was coming from the kitchen.
So I thought a mouse was under the sink scratching
around in the (empty) garbage pail.

I finally found that the noise was coming from a wall!
Loud scratching and gnawing noises!
I pounded on the wall
and the noise would stop for a few seconds
and then start up again.

After pounding on the wall for a while
the critter stopped... went away?
I hope it doesn't come back.

The mouse? was scratching away
right around where there is a 220 outlet.
Did it zap itself?
I guess I can always cut a hole in the sheetrock
and take a look
and see what's going on...

If I'm going to start cutting up the wall
maybe I should get new cabinets... hmmmm?

Tomorrow I'll tell my Los Angeles
rat story.

1 egg today


LindaG said...

I hate when they get in the wall...
Do you have more than one cherry tree? I know pears need 2 varieties to fruit. Hazelnuts, too. Perhaps cherries are that way.
We just let ours grow, too. I mean, they did that before people came along, right?
Have a great day, Callie!

Unknown said...

With the decline of honeybee and bumblebee populations, I am inclined to speculate that your fruit trees could benefit if you attracted more mason bees to live on your property. With a little Googling, you might be quickly sold on the idea.

(I have no actual experience doing this or growing fruit or raising chickens, but I am full of useless knowledge that I hope to one day employ.)

lisa said...

I have had them get in the heat ducts and then they will die and boy does that leave an awful smell for days!

diane b said...

Nothing worse than a mouse dying in the wall cavity. Smells for ages just like Lisa says.

Kristine said...

This is true. I don't have experience with mice or rats dying in the walls, but at one of the libraries I worked at, unbeknownst to us, a deer had died under some bushes against one of our outside walls. We could not figure out what the smell was. Until we found the deer....