Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye November

 Last year at this time we had snow, cold weather, power outages and I gave up posting for a while. I remember not having the internet, the cold and being thankful that there were people who liked to read chicken blogs.

Peek at the Past: November 24th, 2010

Now it is only in the 30's but it is very windy. I can hear things falling and crashing outside. The wind is coming in heavy gusts. Sometimes it sounds like a train going past the house.

My Christmas decorating is pretty simple and consists of things I really like that I've saved over the years. After Christmas when I take the decorations down, I get rid of some of them and pack the keepers.

1950's Tray
I found the missing Christmas wreaths on the very top storage shelf. Some helpful nameless person had put them up there.

While looking around I found Thanksgiving decorations I haven't seen for years and some old Christmas stuff.

I found an old Advent Wreath frame... surprise... I think I'll decorate it tomorrow and hunt up some candles. And I'll ask Kristine to pick up some beeswax candles. I love burning candles, especially bayberry during the holidays.

This snowman tray is from the 1970's and still looks as good as new. I love the happy snowman!

Buff Orpington
Kristine took the tray full of Christmas cookies to her kindergarten class.

Putting up wreaths led to washing windows and making room for the Christmas tree led to washing floors and moving furniture.

Good things all considered... I like the house all dressed up for the Season. I still have to find the Christmas house flags. I remember washing them and putting them away... in a closet?

I took this photo of the chickens yesterday. This hen came right up to examine the camera and stood still while I was trying to take a picture of the fluffy butt hen behind her.


LindaG said...

I love finding old things.
And I love 'Frosty the snowman', too!

Don't you love how your animals always want to inspect what you're doing? :)

Have a wonderful day. Hope you stay safe and warm!

Gone Country said...

I'm slowly getting our Christmas decorations displayed. I've also been sorting through them and only keeping the ones I really like. My house is just too small to keep everything!

Nezzy said...

I'm patiently naggin' Hubs to retrieve my decorations outta the old milk barn. {{{SIGH}}}

I always decorate the day after Thanksgiving!

God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

John Gray said...

thank you callie x