Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilting Tangram

These cut up pieces of colored printer paper are not really tangram pieces.

Tangram is a fun game. I wonder if anyone has ever made quilt blocks using the puzzle pieces as a guide?

 There are tangram chickens, birds, cats, people, etc. I bet I could come up with some fun quilt blocks.

Wow! I put quilt tangram in the google image search and there are thousands of images.

I was using these pieces to give me a fun way to play with devising simple geometric quilt block patterns. I think I will cut out more light and dark pieces. That would help with making up layouts.

Yes, I know there are computer programs to do this and there is always graph paper, but moving pieces of paper around is a lot more fun.

I could cut up fabric pieces, but I thought that would be a waste because I might never sew the pieces into a block. But then again, it would be a great way to use up fabric scraps.

The Thanksgiving decorations are all packed away which means tomorrow is the day I get out all the Christmas stuff and get it all put in place. I don't have any of the Christmasy feeling yet... maybe when I get outside cutting pine branches and making decorations I will get the spirit?

No eggs today, but the chickens are looking so pretty and fluffy in their new feather outfits! I'll try and get some photos of them tomorrow. I forgot my camera this morning.


diane b said...

It looks like you will have fun with the Tangram pieces. I'd like to see the girls in their new feathers.

DevonMaid said...

Tangrams sound fun for quilting ... see this page for a series of images all made with the same shapes ... I think it might be time to play!

Thanks for the motivation to get quilting again :)

Inger said...

I never heard of this before and I have never quilted, but I do look forward to some chicken photos. In Sweden we don't decorate for Christmas until right before the big day. That way, the feeling is there for sure and you haven't gotten used to all the decorations.

LindaG said...

Great quilt. I would think that Tangrams would make for some fantastic quilts. :)

Glad to hear your chickens are looking better. I've heard they don't lay as well in the winter. Do you let your chickens lay naturally or do you do the artificial light?

Have a great week!