Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello Christmas...

Seems that the Thanksgiving holiday quickly becomes a memory what with the Christmas sales, etc... well, maybe not, because there will be lots of reminders of the day as the leftovers in the fridge will provide meals for days to come.

My thoughts have turned to the Christmas season and decorations. I think I will make a spray wreath this year. Haven't made one of those for a long time. Time to pack up the Thanksgiving decorations and get out the Christmas stuff. I would like to have the Christmas decorations up before dec. 1st. so I can enjoy them all month.

Kristine made these two cute snow creatures (a snowlady and a snowman) as craft idea samples. I love the hat, with a feather, she made for the snow lady. The snowman has a jaunty hat made with a pipe cleaner.

Today, I enjoyed watching several old british tv shows called Pie In The Sky. The policeman is also a chef and I found myself getting hungrier and hungrier as I watched all that delicious food go by on the screen. Wish we had a restaurant like that around here.


Deb said...

I love the snowmen! I have them all over my house and most often do not take them down from one year to the other :)

Hope you are well!

Anna said...

Those snow people are adorable! I have one bathroom that I decorate with snowmen and snow paintings all year round. Something calming about it all.
I have actually heard of that show but have never seen it. You have me curious now. May your Christmas season be off to a wonderful start!

Anna in Oklahoma

JoyceAnn said...

The snow people are mighty cute , love the rad hat lady. I've been thinking about getting an early start on decorating too , hopefully this week. Hope all is well with You , Christine , Morgan and the chickens.

LindaG said...

Wonderful snow people!

I have lots of leftover Turkey, too.
Now what to do with it all. ;)

Kateri said...

Love your snowmen! I haven't even started thinking about Christmas...