Friday, April 02, 2010

Rain And Puddles

I was out in a light rain collecting eggs and taking photos. Morgan was having a ball and wouldn't come back in the house when I called. I decided I would check on her after I put the eggs away and see if she would come, but then I forgot she was out there. Bad me! She got soaked. Soaked but happy.

The little trench I dug is working quite well to divert a lot of water away from the chicken pen. Although the chickens don't seem to mind the rain since they stand in the pen unless there is heavy rain.

Kristine said she sees the hens on the ladder early in the morning when she is getting ready for work. The chickens are never on the ladder when I take a look. I think they can hear me opening the door and they hop off and gang up ready for the great escape when I open the coop. Well, when I used to let them out. Poor chickens.

I would like to think that the rain washes the chicken poo off of the leaves and that the mess drains away out of the coop since the coop is on a slight sloop. Well, it's a nice idea. The poo probably just sinks under the leaves and stays there.

The wood ash foot dryer entrance box thingy is working well. I only got one muddy eggs today. I was late putting the chicken feeders back in the coop so the feed got a little wet. I'm in hopes the chickens will eat all the wet feed today. I'll check tomorrow.

While typing up this post I had a glimmer of a memory of a recipe called Muddy Chicken. I did a search and did find one recipe that is really just for browned steamed chicken. I think I will try this out because it will give me an excuse to use my dutch oven. I love mashed potatoes.

The new Google editor was acting up so I switched back to the old editor a few days ago. The photo on this post would not allow any text next to it... only above or below. So I looked at some HTML code on another of my posts that had text next to the photo and copied that code and replaced the code around this photo's code. Now it works! I would like to learn the new HTML but I need an editor. I know... I could still start learning the code, but it is much more fun to actually try the code out and see how it works..

(April 2, 2009)
Stew sounds good, but I made tacos tonight. The tacos were extra good because we had organic corn tortillas. Only trouble there wasn't enough so I had some lettuce tortillas. I used a large lettuce leaf in place of a tortilla. Pretty good. But, the organic corn tortillas were the best!

Kristine came home sick and has taken the day off tomorrow. Good move. I sure hope she is not getting some horrible cold. Working in the library she is exposed to lots of germs.

Chicken update: The top wound is almost healed and looks closed. The bottom wound is still open, but looks to be closing.

[7 eggs today]



Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thanks for your comment today. I agree with you--it is scary to think of these people voting, but I doubt, really, that we have to worry about that. I will say, however, that this is exactly why you will never catch me doing voter registration drives. If people don't care enough to get off their duff and go register to vote on their own, I don't want them voting...see ya around (love the chicken stories--one of my goals is to have some...) C

Vicki Lane said...

Chickens and rain aren't a good combination -- ours are always rather droopy when it rains.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Morgan just likes playing in the rain. To funny you forgot her.. Dad actually closed the door on Callie this am in the laundry room without know it. It wasn't long before she was fussing in there..
Muddy chicken sounds pretty good. You need to make a dump cake with that.. he he

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Jennifer said...

Yuck... we've got rain here today too! I like that trench idea. I let my 3 Feb. chickies out into the big coop this morning, I'm gettin ready to go check on them make sure nobodies pickin on em. Happy Easter!

Lee said...

My chickens like their ladder in the early morning too! I think they like getting off the cold ground. I'd like to get a picture on them on it, but they jump down as soon as they hear us! Treats, treats!

diane said...

The rain doesn't stop the girls from laying. I'm still trying to get the hang of the new editor too. It took me hours to work out how to link a photo.

Tanya said...

And glad to know that the chicken is getting better.