Sunday, October 16, 2016

Relaxing By The Woodstove

I think Tom is tired after moving all
the firewood.

Love the wood stove.
The wood stove is our heat source
and in the Winter I enjoy cooking on it occasionally.
Lots of fun!

After the rain storm passes
I'm looking forward to getting out in the forest
and working on my paths.

It is always a lot more fun moving the leaves
around on wet ground 
and avoiding making dust clouds.

I've been thinking about researching how I could
improve our fencing
to slow down fox and coyote.

 If the wildlife wants over the fence
or under it
then they are going to get through. 

I really don't want to use electric fencing.
Maybe chicken wire
up against the existing fence?


LindaG said...

Chicken wire is probably cost effective. Hog panels are sturdy, but more expensive. Maybe ask your local Ag center or Co-op.?
Be safe and God bless.

diane b said...

A wood fire looks very warm and homely.

lisa said...

We always have a cheap radio going in the chicken house, we had our radio die one year and the next morning all our chickens were dead. But as soon as we put another radio out there, we have had no chickens disappearing our eaten. The human voices seem to keep the critters away.

LindaG said...

That is a great tip, Lisa. Thank you! Any particular style of music? Or do they prefer talk radio? :-)