Sunday, November 29, 2015

Snow Fall 2015

First snow of this year.
And so far the only snow here.
Not much.
Didn't stick for long.

greenhouse, woodshed, car, deck

The rain that came along with the snow
wasn't much either.
As a storm it was better than nothing
and much appreciated 
I do long for lots of rain
and inches
if not feet of snow.

California is running dry.
Wonder if El Nino will really deliver
on the iffy promise
of a wet winter
and a snowpack?

I've been around here since the 40's
and always remember
alternating between too much rain and floods 
and cries of reservoirs going dry
and crops in need of water. 

Seems to me that swings between
drought and an excess of water 
are pretty much the norm for California.

I do enjoy the in-beteen times.


LindaG said...

Well, I do hope you get some gentle rains this winter. You're probably not ready to shovel yet..
Have a blessed day. :)

Carol said...

Popping in to say hello and nice to see you writing again, Callie!