Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Roof Work

Yes, the roofers worked on the weekend!
Hard workers!

At the juncture of the level roof to the A-frame roof,

this piece of cracked plastic was used to make a large skylight 
in the old roof.

That plastic will be replaced by two skylights.
The new skylight on the left opens
and when the skylight on the right is installed
it will be a non-opening skylight.

There was only one skylight that opened at the store
of the correct size and we didn't want to wait and place an order
so one skylight that opens is better than none.

I've been reading a lot lately.
The hot weather is giving me an excuse to spend time quietly reading
instead of trying to do much in the heat.

Kristine sent me the latest Elizabeth Moon book (Hardback!)
I have been buying Georgette Heyer books on my iPad.
I really do like real hardback books much better than ibooks.
But the ibooks are handy to have
and it is so convenient to buy a book and have it immediately
available to read whenever I want.

Happy Summer!



lisa said...

A sky light sounds pretty cool!

LindaG said...

The only reason we aren't doing much in the heat is because hubby has to take it easy.
Otherwise the heat wouldn't matter.
He doesn't like to take it easy.

Enjoy your new roof. :-)