Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roof On Tuesday Morning

The sun was so bright this morning 
that I had to get behind a tree to take this photo, which looks a bit dark,
otherwise the reflection off the roof was blinding the camera.

Went down to Auburn today to pick up some
medication for Morgan.
Thought we would try another course
of antibiotics and see if she 
gets a bit more perky.

And I bought a sun dress for myself.
I am a jean person usually always wearing jeans.
But now I have one cool dress to wear on these hot days.
One is all I need... I had another one and gave it away.
I think I'm keeping this one.



lisa said...

I did the same, but now I have lots of cool dresses, we had some pretty hot and humid days this summer and it was nice to have them. Roof is looking good.

LindaG said...

I'm a jeans person, too. Can't find clothes in my size that fit very well.
(big and short)
I know what you mean about heat. Not quite as hot here at 98, but no idea what the heat index was.

Hope Morgan gets well soon. ♥