Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roofing Repair

There were many places where the roof had damage
and needed to be repaired.
The roofers should be finished with the roof this week.

The light colored boards are new wood.

New board behind the gutter.

New board here also.

New board that replaced the dry rot or carpenter ant damage.
Not sure which?

The hens have been playing with flakes of alfalfa and straw.
They are still not all that content.
They want out!

Before I let them out to roam
I want to find out how long they need to be kept away
from the spray the pests control people sprayed around the house.

And then there are the foxes to worry about
but hopefully they have moved away to new places
to look for dinner.



Kristine said...

I sincerely hope you meant 'pest' control, and didn't have spraying done for pets. That would be mean. ;)

Francisco Close said...

It was a wise move to repair your roof immediately. It will not only make it look good, but also extend it's life expectancy. How long is the construction lasted, by the way? Knowing how meticulous roofing job is, I hope it's all done now. Francisco @