Monday, March 06, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis

Time to quickly post some

The snow is back.

Libby sleeping after playing in the snow.

Banner sleeping after playing in the snow.

Wow... it has been at least 10 days
since I last posted.

But no more counting of days.

I think I will stick to counting time
by months.
We got the puppies the end
of December (12/30/16.)

It was rather nice
keeping track of how
long they have been with us.

Busy with puppies.
Just like babies
puppies demand more time
and attention as they
grow older.



lisa said...

Your lucky, we wanted to get another corgi, but the one lady wanted 1500 dollars and we can't afford that! We just love our Sara! She is a pembroke corgi. We want anther one, but until we can find one for a reasonable price, we will be waiting!

LindaG said...

They are cute!
And yes, don't count days. Just post when you want.
Hope you all have a blessed week.