Thursday, April 06, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis

Yesterday the puppies had a good
experience at the vets meeting people
and getting another vaccination
which they didn't mind too much.

They both weigh
in the 20 lb. range.
They will each reach an
adult weight
around the 30 lb. range.

Today is back to rain and 
maybe snow on Saturday.

The puppies have been enjoying
the sunny days we have had.

Here are a bunch of photos.

Banner and the blueberry ball,
He is 20.8 pounds as of yesterday.

Banner watching Libby.
They run and play and
then stop and watch each other.
Libby is 21 pounds.
She is watching Banner.
Libby looks as though she has grown a horn.
They love their chew sticks.
The puppies started on dry kibble yesterday.
They seem to like it
better than the puppy mix
we were cooking up.

Chicken update:
The two old chickens are
doing fine.


1 comment:

Carol S. said...

I could look at photos of puppies all day long!
Thanks Callie :)