Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Small Job A Day

My plan is to accomplish at least one small job a day.
This way I won't get discouraged and
give up.

Today = the refrigerator...

Top of refrigerator and animals clean. The cow and Wilber survived the Loma Pieta 1989 earthquake. Kinda chipped a bit but all in one piece. The house didn't fair so well.

And I will have a little bit to blog about.However, boring it may be.

But, I will actually be  doing something
which is way better 
than me doing

Myrtle and berry bushes.

The extra rainfall and snow this winter
has made the plants very happy.
I don't remember this much growth in the Spring.

There is a job waiting for me.
That all needs cutting back.
And the path needs clearing to the porch.

Hope the rainfall continues
and California doesn't experience more drought.

1 comment:

LindaG said...

Been praying for California to get rain. I hope it continues, too.

Congratulations on getting your fridge done. ^_^

Be safe and take care!