Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chicken Coop Envy

Today I was shown a photo of a beautiful chicken coop.
Later I went online and looked around for a photo of the coop
because I was sure I had seen it before.

And I found a link to

Photo from the internet -
Wow! That is a dreamy chicken coop!
But to tell the truth this coop is too small for the number
of chickens we have had and will have in the future.

And I don't think it would keep bears out.
But I can sure use some of the features of this coop
when planning my dream coop.

The smoke from the fire is only really bad in the mornings.
The chickens don't seem to mind the smoke at all.

I haven't been taking Morgan for walks because of the smoke.
She is getting old and the smoke bothers her.
Me too.



LindaG said...

As long as the fire stays away. Praying for you.

Some people really go all out on their coops, don't they?

Have a blessed Thursday. ♥

lisa said...

Beautiful, but that is just it, it is too pretty!