Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End Of April Garden Planting

The first thing that happened
was the scarecrow was banished from the garden.
He is now guarding the woodshed.

There is no room!
Only room for plants and not much of that.

I'm planting a mix of flowers and veggies... seeds and starter plants.

Some of the tomatoes will be in the greenhouse and some outside.
Nothing planted here yet.

This year's herbs in the little green garden.
Hope there are no more freezes!
Tom jokes about snow in May.
Oh dear!
Could and has happened up here.
Hope it doesn't this year.

The oaks are getting their Spring leaves.
This tree is near the the garden and drops huge branches now and then.
It is windy tonight... hope the branches fall out now and not when I'm in the garden.



Kristine said...

... might I add that there has also been snow in June?

callie brady said...

Yes! I remember snow in June, but I prefer not to think about the little plants covered in snow. Sigh...

Linda said...

I have trees that I avoid walking under in the wind. Snow in May? That would be devastating.

Your plants look great!