Friday, January 07, 2022


And this is what we 

woke up to on the

morning of 

March 6, 2023

We had it fairly easy as far

as snow trouble goes...

a small hole in the house roof,

a tree fell and smashed the end

of a car so it can't be driven,

the driveway was blocked 

by snow and down trees

so we were blocked in

for nine days at least...

and our house was

one of the last to get

electricity back...

but all that was

light duty

conpared to the  troubles

others had and still

are dealing with.

And thanks to helping neighbours,

and other kind folks

who helped us get gas for

the generator and food.

Hope there are not too

many mistakes,

Thank you again to all




This is what we woke up to on the

morning of Dec. 29, 2021

and then 

there was more snow.

no power.

and  we were very fortunate

to have our woodstove

to keep us warm.

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